Optimize License Usage

Challenge: Optimize applications usage

Are there license hogs in the environment? A license hog is someone who checks out or uses multiple licenses simultaneously. How many people request a license saying they need it to do their job, yet they really only needed it for a short period of time or for a specific project? They are consuming a license that is not being used and may be harvested for use elsewhere. In some businesses, there are valid reasons to keep more than one license at a time, but typically, this may be seen as end-user behavior to game the system and is not within policy.

Open iT tracks unproductive license usage, and can automatically release such idle licenses to reduce cost and maximize value on concurrent licenses, while preserving data and improving user efficiency. Discover applications that are not being actively used, based on their unique CPU, I/O, mouse or keyboard activity levels. Set up policies and priorities, and automatically release licenses back to the license server to avoid unproductive use of software licenses.

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