Manage Engineering Software Licenses with Ease Using Email Alerts

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Engineering software has some of the most complex licensing terms. If these different licensing methods are managed efficiently, the organization can save a lot of money avoiding unnecessary licensing costs. Fortunately, companies that have invested in an effective engineering software management tool have proactive email alerts in their arsenal.

Email alerts can save time by allowing administrators to perform other tasks and calling their attention on pressing matters only when it is needed. Here are some email alerts that can help in effectively managing engineering software assets.

  • Approaching Maximum Available LicensesOnce maximum utilization is reached, users may experience denials, or they may start to use the elastic licenses, which would, of course, incur additional costs for the company. The “Approaching Max” email alert provides a heads-up before the available licenses for a given product or feature are maxed out. This would give administrators enough time to investigate if the licenses are being actively used and if there could be licenses that could be harvested back to the pool, thus avoiding denials or additional costs.
  • Sustained Maximum Utilization Sometimes, reaching maximum utilization is inevitable for some products or features. The administrator needs to be updated in this case so that he or she could stay on top of things. “Sustained Max per Hour” alerts would send notifications whenever the available licenses have been maxed out for an hour.
  • Long Checkout Some users forget to close an application when they leave for the day. That is understandable if it is intentional because they are running the simulation overnight, but if they just left it running idle for the entire night, that is a license that someone else could be using actively. The “Long Checkout” alert sends an email alert to the asset manager and/or the user when the license has been checked out for a longer time than expected. This may remind the user to close the application if they are not using it or allow the administrator to harvest the license back to the pool if necessary.
  • License Hogs In some cases, users feel the need to run multiple instances of the same application at the same time, which means they are checking out multiple licenses at the same time. This may be acceptable in some companies, but for some, it may be against company policy, especially if not all of those licenses are being actively used. An email alert that sends out a notification when users have checked out multiple licenses at the same time could be very useful in curbing this behavior.
  • License Expiration Managing hundreds, even thousands, of different licenses can be daunting. Manually keeping track of the expiration dates for each of those licenses is near impossible, especially considering that these expiration dates may not necessarily be on the same date as the contract renewal, and different features can have different expiration dates! In this regard, an alert that notifies the administrator of the licenses that will soon expire would help a lot.
  • License Daemon Down If clients can’t connect to the license server, that could mean that users can’t check out licenses, and therefore can’t use the applications they need to perform their tasks. The “License Daemon Down” alert is a notification that there is a problem connecting to the license server for a specified period of time. This would allow the administrators to investigate immediately and avoid bigger issues that may arise.

Faster Response

Email alerts encourage administrators to respond faster to any license usage problem. These immediate notifications are a very valuable tool for anyone who manages engineering software assets because it allows them to be responsive to possible issues without taking too much of their time manually monitoring everything in the system. This also empowers them to be more productive and efficient in their jobs.

Learn more on how to effectively manage your engineering software licenses such as Ansys®, Autodesk®, etc. Let us guide you through your engineering software management and optimization journey!

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