Hexagon ISL Cloud License Server

What is Hexagon ISL? #

Hexagon PPM offers a wide variety of software solutions including CADWorx, CAESAR II, Smart Review, Smart 3D, Intergraph Smart P&ID, etc.

In 2020, it has effectively launched its new licensing platform called Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL), which is set to replace both hardware locks (HASP) and SmartPlant® License Manager (SPLM).

What are the Key Benefits of Hexagon ISL #

Hexagon ISL offers several advantages, including easy installation, use, and administration.

ISL removes the requirement of maintaining an on-premise license server, thus reducing end-user costs.

ISL is designed to run in any location with an internet connection, but it also supports checking out licenses for offline use, which administrators can control by specifying how long those licenses will remain checked out while offline.

Hexagon Licensing Platform Transition #

Hexagon has advised its customers to transition from HASP or SPLM to ISL, which has 100% backward compatibility.

While Hexagon is no longer supporting HASP, it will continue to provide support and certification of SPLM on new operating systems.

However, software versions that have been released after May 1, 2020 will no longer work with either SPLM or HASP.

ISL has its own portal that provides limited usage reporting capabilities.

This portal, however, may not be enough to provide a clear picture of the organization’s true active usage.

For customers who choose to maintain HASP and/or SPLM while they transition to ISL, capturing the true license usage may become even more complicated.

How Open iT Supports Hexagon PPM’s ISL Cloud License Server #

Open iT provides extensive usage metering and robust reporting capabilities that support ISL, HASP, and SPLM.

It collects usage data from a wide variety of sources to provide an enterprise-wide overview of the organization’s true and accurate software usage and has the capability to drill down into the organization’s software usage to distinguish between active and inactive usage.

It can integrate collected usage data from different license servers and provide both historical and real-time reports on a single dashboard.

With Open iT, the usage of Hexagon PPM software applications will be accurately metered regardless of whether they are on ISL, HASP, or SPLM.

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