Jazz Team Server

What is Jazz Team Server? #

Java Team Server is a Java-based web application that provides the foundational services that allow an array of different applications to work collaboratively as a single logical server.

Applications that are registered on the same Jazz Team Server will be able to communicate with each other, associate project areas from different applications, and link artifacts across those project areas.

Jazz Team Server is part of IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) and Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. It supports different types of licenses, including standalone, floating licenses, and token licenses.

Floating licenses are managed by the Jazz floating license server (FLS), which is a service under the Jazz Team Server application.

Tokens, on the other hand, are managed through the Rational Common Licensing token service, which is an extension of the Jazz Team Server that forwards token requests to an external Rational License Key Server.

Jazz Team Server User Monitoring and Management #

Jazz Team Server includes a web interface and command prompt utilities that can be used to manage licenses and monitor its usage.

The administrative web interface provides sections for license and user management, server configurations, applications and database management, and basic troubleshooting.

It can also provide basic license usage and user information reports. However, a more robust license usage metering solution is necessary for more comprehensive and in-depth usage metering reports and analyses.

How Open iT supports Jazz Team Server #

Usage information is collected by Open iT LicenseAnalyzer by periodically polling the Jazz Team Server’s FLS for raw usage data.

For a complete and more accurate overview of license usage, this raw usage data is filtered and combined with usage data from various other sources, including OS logs, CPU, I/O, mouse and keyboard, etc. Open iT, through the License Monitor Portal, then uses this aggregated usage data to display real-time license usage.

Using the Core Reporter and Analysis Server, administrators can also generate vital historical usage reports that can help in identifying areas for license optimization and software cost reduction.

These reports include:

  • Total License Usage
  • User Level License Usage
  • User Group Level License Usage
  • Max Concurrent License Usage

These reports allow for the necessary visibility for organizations to effectively manage the licenses of registered applications under the Jazz Team Server.

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