What is BETA lm? #

BETA lm is a proprietary license manager developed by BETA CAE Systems to administer its vast array of computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation and analysis solutions.

BETA CAE Systems is one of the pioneers of CAE, and their BETA suite of software solutions includes neere, SPDRM, KOMVOS, ANSA, EPILYSIS, META, RETOMO, and DEEN.

It provides these solutions to various industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Biomechanics, Construction, Defense, Electronics, Energy, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Equipment and Robotics, Maritime, etc.

BETA lm was developed specifically to manage BETA CAE software licenses. Its main features include license server redundancy, Idle User time-out and Kill User functionalities, online statistics and logging.

License types supported are flexible short-term licenses, group licenses (a group of specific products or features are set to hold a specific number of total available licenses), and shared licenses (multiple executions of the same application by the same user on the same machine will utilize only one license).

BETA lm User Monitoring and Management #

The BETA lm package includes beta_lm_stat, which provides basic license usage information when run. It also includes an administration options file that can be configured to control the operating parameters of BETA lm.

There is also a time-out and kill user functionality, which would allow administrators to manually suspend or terminate the license that was checked out by a specific user, thus returning the license to the pool.

How Open iT supports BETA lm #

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer uses the beta_lm_stat tool to poll license usage data from BETA lm.

It also collects usage data from log files, OS, I/O, CPU, keyboard and mouse, etc., and aggregates them with the usage data polled from BETA lm to get a more complete and accurate software usage information.

With this collected data, true active usage can be determined, and idle users can be identified. LicenseAnalyzer can also be configured to automatically suspend or terminate the licenses if they had been left idle for a configurable amount of time, based on thresholds that can be set for each application.

Usage reports can be viewed in real-time using the Open iT License Monitor Dashboard. Various historical reports that can be used for in-depth license usage analyses can also be generated.

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