Sentinel RMS

What is Sentinel RMS? #

Sentinel Rights Management System (Sentinel RMS) is a robust licensing solution that can support a wide range of software products and vendors. This powerful license management tool was developed by Thales, a global technology company that invests in digital and “deep Tech” innovations, including Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity, and quantum technology. Thales’ main verticals include defense and security, digital identity and security, ground transportation, space, and aerospace.

Sentinel RMS supports Windows operating system (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux ARM, and other UNIX-based operating systems, including Linux, Mac, Solaris Sparc, x86, AIX, and HPUX. Licensing models supported includes trial licenses, commuter or borrowed licenses, repository licenses, grace licenses, capacity licenses, volume transaction licenses, and upgrade licenses.

What is Sentinel RMS? Sentinel RMS User Monitoring and Management #

Sentinel RMS includes tools for collecting usage data and generating basic usage reports that can be used for data analytics or for billing. The collected usage data includes the following information: customer’s name, username, entitlement, product ID and version, feature name and version, start time, end time, hostname, usage count, and other vendor-defined data.

The basic usage reports that can be generated include: feature usage report, granular usage transactions, peak concurrency report, product usage report, user usage report, and raw usage report.

How Open iT supports Sentinel RMS #

Although Sentinel RMS provides some basic usage reports, these may not be enough to uncover the company’s true active usage of licenses, which is useful in license optimization. In addition, if the company has several servers on different sites, manually aggregating the reports from these different servers can become tedious. The more license servers there are, the more complicated tracking licenses can become.

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer collects and parses usage log files from all Sentinel RMS license servers across the entire organization and aggregates the data, which can them be viewed in a single dashboard. It also collects usage data from a variety of other sources for a more complete and accurate license usage overview.

Aside from the real-time view provided by Open iT License Monitor Dashboard, a wide selection of in-depth historical usage reports is available out-of-the-box. Custom reports that can further help in usage analysis can also be created.

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