What is ClearCase? #

Initially developed by Atria Software, which is now owned by IBM Rational Software, ClearCase is a software configuration management (SCM) solution used to handle source code and other software development assets.

The ClearCase suite of software development tools includes design data management, revision control, unified change management (UCM), MultiVersion File System (MVFS), support for large data file repository, and license management among others.

ClearCase license server is used to manage the pool of floating licenses.

At least one host in the network must be designated as the host of the ClearCase license server, which would maintain a copy of the ClearCase license keys that the company owns.

A license is checked out when a user initially runs a command that requires a license. The user gets to keep the license for a specified period of time, which is 60 minutes by default but can be configured to a preferred duration, and entering a new command renews the license.

If the user fails to enter a new command for the period specified, the license is automatically returned to the pool and becomes available for other users to check out.

ClearCase User Monitoring and Management #

ClearCase provides a range of utilities for license and user management.

This includes setting up priorities for different users with regard to their access to licenses, specifying the license server host from which to obtain licenses, moving license keys from one host to another, renaming license server hosts, and auditing licensing activities.

It also includes a license reporting utility that can generate basic reports on license information as defined in the license database file and current user activities.

ClearCase also has a utility that allows administrators to release a license from a user and make it available for other users to check out.

How Open iT supports ClearCase #

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer polls license usage data from the ClearCase license servers.

These raw usage data are then parsed and aggregated with usage data from a variety of sources, including OS logs, I/O, CPU, keyboard and mouse, etc.

This allows Open iT to have a complete and more accurate overview of the organization’s ClearCase license usage.

With the visibility that Open iT provides, companies can easily determine the true active usage of their licenses, identify areas for license optimization, reduce software costs while improving license usage efficiency, get a better understanding of their current licensing position, and predict future licensing needs based on current usage trends.

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