Bentley SELECTserver

What is Bentley SELECTserver? #

Bentley SELECTserver was developed by Bentley Systems to manage the licenses of their engineering infrastructure software solutions.

These software solutions are used by many engineering companies worldwide to design, construct, and operate roads, bridges, rails, transit systems, water systems, sewage systems, public works, utilities, buildings, campuses, and mining and industrial facilities.

Their main products include MicroStation for modeling and simulation, ProjectWise for project delivery, AssetWise for asset and network performance, Seequent for geosciences, and iTwin for infrastructure digital twins.

Bentley offers several licensing models.

SELECT is the most popular licensing method and covers perpetual licenses and quarterly subscriptions.

Enterprise License Subscriptions are billed annually and include CONNECTservices, which is an Azure-based service for project collaboration, adaptive learning, and personal mobility.

And lastly, Cloud Services Subscriptions is a comprehensive annual subscription that includes managed services among others.

Bentley SELECTserver User Monitoring and Management #

SELECTserver can be on-premise or hosted by Bentley.

It includes usage monitoring tools that can generate basic usage reports and statistics, which are also transmitted to Bentley via secure SSL.

The information sent includes SELECTserver version and serial numbers, SELECTsite ID, product ID and version, max usage statistics, machine name and username.

How Open iT supports Bentley SELECTserver #

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer supports both Bentley SELECTserver on-premise and hosted server.

It collects and parses the usage logs and other information from the Bentley SELECTserver and combines these with usage data collected from a variety of other sources, including Windows logs, debug logs, I/O, CPU, keyboard and mouse events, etc.

This aggregated data provides a more complete and accurate software usage overview that can be drilled down to various product, feature, and user levels.

Usage reports can be viewed in real time using the Open iT License Monitor Dashboard.

A host of historical reports can also be generated using the Open iT Reporting Server or the Reporting Services under the Open iT Analysis Server.

These reports can help ensure that the company’s Bentley software licenses are being used efficiently and that active usage is maximized.

They can also be used to predict future licensing needs based on historical usage and projected growth.

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