What is WibuKey? #

WibuKey is one of the most common dongle licensing solutions, which is a well-known secure and protected software licensing solutions, from Wibu Systems. While software licensing is done commonly through network and parallel ports or even through individual software installation, dongle licensing uses USB ports, making it more portable and very easy to share among various users. Aside from USB dongles, WibuKey also offers a PC card port dongle.

WibuKey User Monitoring and Management #

A WibuKey dongle with a single license can unlock an application by simply plugging the dongle into the USB port of the computer. This is called local dongle licensing. The license on this installation cannot be shared with other users in the network, but it can be used by another user by just plugging the dongle into the computer with the same application to be licensed.

If the WibuKey dongle has multiple licenses and/or supports different products, then it can be shared by different users using the network-based installation of WibuKey. To share licenses in a network-based dongle licensing installation, the WibuKey Server application would have to be installed and run.

There are utilities installed together with the dongle that provide license information. However, a more complete report can be provided by the WibuKey Server application, which has the capability to provide an overview of the license usage. For instance, WibuKey has its license monitor tool (WkSvMOn) installed together with the WibuKey Server. WkSvMOn is a tool that provides all the necessary information and overview about the active licenses during operation.

How Open iT Supports WibuKey #

While the WibuKey Server utilities can be very useful, if the company uses local dongles only and no network dongles, or uses applications with other licensing methods, monitoring and reporting of license usage will be tedious because there is no centralized view for all.

Open iT is a powerful Engineering Software Management solution that supports dongle-based licensing, together with other licensing methods. It uses both polling mechanisms to fetch license usage information from each installed dongle.

Through the collected data, Open iT has the capability to generate various reports with relevant information that can be used to manage and control the use of WibuKey dongle-based licenses, as well as other applications regardless of licensing method.