What is TEBIS LM? #

TEBIS LM is the proprietary license server developed by TEBIS (Technische Entwicklung Beratung und Individuelle Software) AG in support of their software solutions. TEBIS AG provides some of the most widely used computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and manufacturing execution system (MES) software solutions in several key industries including die manufacturing, production machining, mold manufacturing, model making, automotive, and aerospace. Their vast array of clientele also includes agricultural machinery, consumer goods, energy, medical technology, and motorsports companies.

TEBIS is modular in structure and has a common central platform, called Tebis Base, for all CAD and CAM processes. Their MES software is called ProLeiS, which rounds up their end-to-end manufacturing solutions. TEBIS supports both Windows and Unix platforms. They offer customized packages based on individual user’s needs, and the capability to expand those packages using floating license modules that a number of users can share.

TEBIS LM User Monitoring and Management #

TEBIS LM User Monitoring and Management 

License information and usage events are logged by TEBIS LM in its debug log files. However, it does not have built-in utilities that collate the data or allow users to see the usage data and other pertinent license information.

How Open iT supports TEBIS LM #

The license information and usage data that are logged by TEBIS LM in its debug log files are collected by Open iT LicenseAnalyzer clients. These collected data are then parsed and combined with usage data from other sources, including OS logs, CPU, I/O, mouse and keyboard, etc., for a more complete and accurate software usage information. This aggregated usage data is then used by Open iT to display real-time license usage through the Open iT License Monitor Portal, as well as generate a wide variety of historical usage reports, including:

  • Total License Usage reporting
  • User Level License Usage reporting
  • User Group Level License Usage reporting
  • Host Level License Usage reporting
  • Host Group Level License Usage reporting

These usage reports allow administrators to effectively track the organization’s usage of their TEBIS software licenses. It also provides the organization with the necessary visibility to identify opportunities for license optimization, further reduce software costs, reveal potential risks, and predict future usage based on current trends, which can greatly aid in upcoming software renewal negotiations.

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